Maurice Simpson's Testimony

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From: "rwkirby"
Subject: Maurice Simpson's Testimony
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 07:17:46 -0700

In 1982, I started having problems with my back and neck. In 1982, I had a laminectomy and was paralyzed in my left arm. I eventually gained use of my arm. Then in 1990, I had two discs removed, C4 and C5, and had my neck fused. Then in 1995, I had a disc, L5, removed. Then it was discovered that my left leg was short. This resulted from a football injury in 1956 when I was in high school. I started wearing a lift. In 1999, I started having severe neck pains. The doctor prescribed Vioxx, 25 mg, and it worked well.

During August of 1999, I went to a health fair in Arlington, Texas, and met Dr. Randall Martin, chiropractor. I didn't believe in chiropractor medicine, so I just went along with him and accepted two free treatments. The rest is history. As a result of the treatments, I gained the full range of my arm movements.

After those initial visits, I continued treatments with Dr. Martin and gained full range of motion with my left arm. I no longer take Vioxx. I believe that if I had started with a chiropractor in the first place I could have avoided the earlier surgeries. I am now a firm believer in chiropractor medicine.